Deep Drop Fishing


Deep Drop Fishing

FUNYET Charters offers Deep Drop fishing, one of the most physicaly challenging and rewarding in terms of eibility of all types of fishing.

True deep sea fishing as it is called covers a large variety of environments. Some deeper wrecks can be found in water from 170 to over 420 feet of water.   Bottom fishing spots vary in location from several miles outside the reef line on the Atlantic side of the Keys to to well over twenty miles out.  For the most part heavy spinning tackle is needed to move bottom dwelling fish from the safety of their lairs. Some of the species targeted are groupers (black, gag, red, snowy), jewfish, Mutton snapper, amberjack, almaco, african pompano, barracuda, and shark, Tile fish  Black bellied rose fish, Hake and Barrel fish.

The Deep droping on natural bottom ocurs in water between 550 feet and all the way out to the wall in over 900 feet of water.  It is a common practice to use electric motorized fishing gear to ply the deeper waters, however we have perfected a method of dropping in these exterme deepths with heavy spinning tackel, to keep the sport in sport fishing. If you prefer we can arrainge to have an electric reel for your convienienceif notified in advance.

Included in the charter:  Cooler packed with ice, bait, tackle, featuring Penn fishing reels, State and Federal fishing licenses, and pickup service in some Lower Keys locations.

You need to bring: Sun protection, hat, polarized sunglasses, food to eat and drinks, camera, and the willingness to have fun.

FUNYET Charters can arrange to have your trophy fish mounted through Gray Taxidermy, the worlds largest marine taxidermist.

Contact FUNYET Charters and ask for Captain John Sahagian


3/4 and Full Day Rates:

31′ FUNYET – 3/4 Day (6 hours)       $750.00
31′ FUNYET – Full Day (8 hours)      $900.00

Depending on the rising fuel prices it is possible that a fuel surcharge may be required.

We accept all major chipped credit cards, and that outdated stuff called CASH. Charters paid with a credit card may incur a 3% additional charge due to our processing fees.

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