Snorkeling & ECO Tours


Snorkeling the Florida Keys doesn’t have to be a crowded affair any longer.  We offer private only charters for your party of up to six snorkelers and you are able to choose your snorkel site.  The options are plentiful including reefs inside and outside of the Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary, located on the only living coral reef in the United States.

Looe Key was voted the best snorkel spot in the United States

The approximate 2,800 square nautical mile National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS) surrounds the entire archipelago of the Florida Keys. This includes the productive waters of Florida Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Eco Tours can be arranged on either the 31′ FUNYET or the 18′ KNOTYET.  You will have the chance to see different Florida Keys environments including:

Mangrove Island, living flats, coral reefs, sponge beds, birds, wildlife watching, and much more!

Learn the natural and cultural history from a trained marine science instructor.
Contact FUNYET Charters and ask for Captain John Sahagian

Half and Full Day Rates:

31′ FUNYET – 1/2 Day (4 hours) $600.00
31′ FUNYET – 3/4 Day (6 hours) $750.00
31′ FUNYET – Full Day (8 hours) $900.00

For ECO tours and snorkeling for lobster, maximum two passengers the 18 foot flats boat is available.

18′ KNOTYET – 1/2 Day (4 hours) $400.00
18′ KNOTYET – Full Day (6 hours) $500.00
18′ KNOTYET – Full Day (8 hours) $600.00

We accept all major chipped credit cards, and that outdated stuff called CASH. Charters paid with a credit card may incur a 3% additional charge due to our processing fees.

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